California Fitness
& Yoga




FLG owned

California Fitness & Yoga was established in Vietnam in 2007. Today, it is the country’s leading premium gym network, spanning a range of world-class brands that include California Fitness & Yoga, California Active, California Centuryon and Hypoxi.​ ​

Committed to a mission of ‘One Life Live Well’, California Fitness & Yoga is dedicated to inspiring, entertaining and energising the communities it serves. Delivering a range of training programmes – including over 2,000 classes a week – it is driven by a goal of improving the health, wellness, lives and livelihoods of all 100 million people in Vietnam.

California Active offers an affordable, approachable entry point into the California ecosystem, with a tailored and dedicated class offering, the latest equipment, and a fun and lively décor. 

California Centuryon has four flagship locations in Vietnam, providing an exclusive lifestyle offering and luxury service that cater to the needs and wishes of the ultra-affluent market. 

Hypoxi is a low-impact exercise method that combines patented vacuum and compression technology with exercise and nutrition to target stubborn fat and cellulite.​

​In total, California serves more than 130,000 members across Vietnam every month, making it the largest fitness and wellness chain in the country.